I was asked to create a new brand identity for Rebel Root Ciderworks; a unique ciderworks in Sussex.

Rebel Root are making themselves known for their high quality and innovative craft cider. They are trying to change the perception of cider and increase knowledge of this wonderful drinks category.

Creating low intevention, naturally fermented, high acidic, bone dry cider is a brave new move in this industry at the present time.


Being a new type of craft cider, breaking the mould and unleashing ciders true form was exciting to be a part of.

After a few meetings one big takeaway was the need for a icon to be Rebel Root's flag [the anarchists 'A']. Each cider would have very much its own character/personality and there are 3 main categories in the Rebel Root Story.

Session, which is the fun playful blends. Easy drinkers, generally carbonated, apple base blended with other fun natural ingredients. Renaissance, sold still, 750ml sharing bottles of apple blends. The Barrel Project, apple blends fermented or matured or both in different types of barrels.

The categories have their own individual characteristics, along with each cider within the category itself having its own unique tastes and smells.

I formed a icon for the brand that would be the constant figure for these labels, then created the formats for each category. You will see further down the project page.

The formation of the logo was made from two RR's back to back forming roots and a tree trunk. This became Rebel Root's Symbol

Along with the logo I came up with #Liberate Cider. We need to free cider of its preconceptions and chains. This worked as the strapline and hashtag for Rebel Root.

A couple of other supporting brand elements are BNY WSX. Keeping with this cool new vibe, I made an acronym of Bolney, West Sussex - BNY WSX. Cider like Wine is only as good as its Terrior (soil area), so attaching its location was important. Along with this I used Brut and other words to run parellel with all of the branding materials to help describe the style.

Fig. 1 - Project: Rebel Root Ciderworks | Type: Branding | Description: Logo

Fig. 2 - Project: Rebel Root Ciderworks | Type: Branding | Description: Ugly apples make our cider

Fig. 3 - Project: Rebel Root Ciderworks | Type: Branding | Description: Strapline/hashtag, Liberate Cider

Fig. 4 - Project: Rebel Root Ciderworks | Type: Branding | Description: Supportive design to go with the Brand story.


As previously mentioned there are three categories that make up Rebel Root's story.

Session which is the fun entry ciders, Renaissance which is thought provoking and boundry pushing, then The Barrel Project which is all about experimenting.

I used a very New Wave theme, future proofed, but ground breaking for the cider industry, which has been a bit left behind.

I created personalities for each category. Session is cool, slick, and typographical, it communicates clearly and slips straight into a market dominated by 20-30 years olds.

The Renaissance ciders got completely unique illustrates to present the uniqueness of the ciders, no boundries. These illustration drop straight into the label format.

The Barrel Project is communicated by barrel and fermentation number. Clear and concise.


A collection of photographs I took representing Rebel Root.

I wanted to keep the photography real and raw. It syncs in with the Black and White colour palette and I have added noise to keep the raw feel alive. There are a few exceptions to the pure Black and White, with some being in colour to emphasis the subject.

It is honest photgraphy, real world documentary photography. Not Photoshoped or airbrushed. Rebel Root is honest, it doesn't hide behind a studio or constant photos of customer drinking the product! That speaks for itself. Rebel Root educates if people want to learn.

These photos are mixes of product photography, stock elements, but also specific shoots for certain projects, like flyers and banners etc.


Further views of the work I have created for Rebel Root.

[Rebel Root Website is under construction]

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