Take a step back to enable a leap forward.

It might seem counter-intuitive in a world that looks for design and development teams to deliver lots of features as quickly as possible. However the real business value comes from intimately knowing the business' customers and providing solutions to meet their needs. This will allow you as a business to reach your goals.

YOPA came to me to put their street Real Estate Buiness online. The kick off meeting dropped so many 'we want this feature...' and 'we need one of these to look good...'. This was exciting, however myself and the selected developer had to reign in the greenfield thinking and focus on what would make this site a success. The user/customers.


Step one was to do some research on the brand positioning, values and realign it with their new strategy. Everything needed an update.

After ideation we ended up with the idea of the 'Y' (Your of Your Online Property Agent) being a door/entrance to 'Your' new home! The gateway to the rest of your life.

Leading with Dark Blue as our primary colour it helps endorse loyalty, wisdom, confidence. YOPA isn't there for the quick sale, it is there for the right sale. A trusted estate agent.

It is also a calming colour which helps when making a huge decision like buying a house.

Fig. 1 - Project: YOPA | Type: Branding | Description: Logo


Taking Your Online Property Agent online! Test test test.

Please note: I won't talk about mobile first or user centered design! This is now a given in any methodolgy of design! It's not an choice anymore!

First off we worked with a few focus groups and competitor analysis. This strategy helped us figure out what features where needed and the importance of them! Rising up out of this knowledge helped us understand the main Call to Actions (CTA's).

Having the content features we were abe to build wireframes and test internally and externally. Very privalged as we had a huge customer base to work with.

Being sure of our features and hierachy, we could start to flow the brand through our designs and get the copy correct.

After pen and paper protytpes to Adobe UX polished protypes it was take to the development phase. I wrote the HTML/CSS whilst the developer built the backend.

After some more interations we managed to get the Beta site up and fairly fluidly go live! We acheived a low bounce rate of 20%, 70% CR request call back and 80% Book free evalutation. This showed we managed to make the friction and pain points as low as possible and there was very good multichannel marketing (not me).

Please note: I ran this project and completed most of the design tasks and HTML/CSS. I didn't touch the backend or illustrate. I did organise the visuals and direct what we needed.


The Yopa site Live

[Yopa website]